Urban Walking – The Flâneur as an Icon of Metropolitan Culture in Literature and Other Media

Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena, 9-10 March 2018


Cercetător ştiinţific III, dr., VIORELLA MANOLACHE a participat cu şi a susţinut comunicarea de filosofie politică:

To catch things in flight: Zygmunt Bauman`s flâneur and the Passengers` statu viatoris

 The present communication adopts the perspective Zygmunt Bauman utilizes in Postmodern Ethics (1993), according to which the flâneur, as a traveling player/gamer, „catches things in flight” and for whom, moreover, in the space he moves around and stands in, „things themselves are on the move”.

Z. Bauman`s conceptual method will be (here) approached using the visual representation offered in the film The Passengers (2016), insisting on a game which will be read (in the appropriate Baumanian sense) disjointed by „truthful reality”, imprinted with non-cumulative valences, presenting the appearance of an „absolute beginning”, with its own survival rules, containing ordering principles and power rules, whose realization coincides with the aesthetic forces attached to the effort of recomposing social space.

The passengers – Jim and Aurora – respond to the Baumanian formula, both situated in the perspective of the flâneur, that of primordial inherent solitude, of (mechanical) transformation of the world – Jim, the engineer, able to know space in a material way, who seems irreplaceable in a world under construction, the type of flâneur who pursues his enjoyable but difficult  occupation with a degree of independence; and giver primacy to the imaginative, to the creativity of the writer and of imaginative-seductive re-narration – Aurora, the writer-journalist, who answers, in this way, to the flâneur’s need to appeal to the direction of the narrative. The present study examines the idea that The Passengers proposes, through the viator flâneur, a visual mode of recomposing the Baumanian perspective on postmodern ethics.